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NiSource-Columbia Gas – Relief and Reconstruction after Gas Over Pressurization

Gilbane Reconstruction Services (GRS) assisted with the relief and reconstruction effort to over 9,000 residential and commercial customers that were currently without gas following an incident in early September 2018 of an over-pressurization of a gas-line.

The GRS team comprised of more than 350 individuals from around the country and managed the entire project from assessment to remediation through reconstruction. Overall there were 2,000+ people from a variety of companies that worked together to assist in the recovery efforts after this disaster.

GRS established a command operations center with an adjoining 175,000 SF warehouse to receive and distribute materials. Efforts included:

  • Site logistics and staffing support for staging and other locations as required for execution of the work
  • Inspection of all gas systems and subsequent necessary repairs of impacted homes and businesses
  • Replacement of heating and hot water gas appliances and gas ranges and dryers
  • Procurement and disposal of all materials and appliances needed to reactivate all gas appliances in the house
  • Replacement of all gas meters in the affected areas
  • Environmental testing, asbestos assessment, documentation, abatement and disposal
  • Repair to underground electric supply adjacent to properties that was damaged by lateral pipe
  • Stakeholder coordination and communication
  • Coordination with building officials from the State and three impacted towns
  • Trade contractor oversight and coordination