COVID-19: Returning to Public Facilities Safely

The next phase in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic will be the re-opening of our businesses and buildings that have been shuttered like never before. To help in this effort, GRS Launches “Getting Back to Work Safely” Program.

There remains a host of questions and challenges on exactly how to do that safely, and in a way that will instill confidence in returning work teams and the public.

  • A return to business through a carefully coordinated pivot from stay-at-home orders and social distancing that gives employees, customers and guests confidence in returning without risking infection.
  • Establishing required practices, procedures and protocols to disinfect and sterilize the spaces and protect the returning workforce, customers and the public.
  • Establishing clear organization and management over the return to work transition.

The Re-Occupancy Infection Control and Prevention Program (ROI-CPP)

In preparation for a return of the workforce and the public to business, GRS Reconstruction Services and its partners Gallagher Bassett Technical Services are offering a vast array of services from a team of Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals, Professional Mechanical Engineers, Architects and disinfection experts. We can provide and apply state of the art technologies and best management practices to assist in the reduction of the risk of re-occurring viral infection and continued spread.

This is a transitional program that will enable business to reopen safely. Based on our experiences in the direct response to the virus and the disinfection of multiple facilities, combined with personal precautions taken outside the workplace, we are here to help get your business, industry and facilities up and running again. Download our full Re-Occupancy brochure here. 

Here is how the program works: