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Houston First: Disaster Remediation and Reconstruction in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

Gilbane provided help with remediation and re-construction activities including engineering and design services, pumping, clean-up and sanitization required to stabilize the conditions of the existing 18 block Theater District Parking Garages, the Wortham Theater Center, Jones Hall, Tunnels and other support areas damaged from Hurricane Harvey.

The basement of the Wortham Theater Center was filled with 12 feet of water from Hurricane Harvey. In addition, water filled the tunnel that connects the Wortham to the Theater District Parking Garage. To prevent extensive damage to the mechanical and electrical systems, Gilbane was retained and immediately began pumping out the water and stabilizing the building. There was extensive damage to the building’s air handling units, electrical and the elevator systems.

The 3-Level, 3,300 space subterranean parking garages are over 17 Million cubic feet. Over 127 Million gallons of Category 3 water was pumped from these garages.


  • Full time Gilbane and SRM safety officer on site
  • Organized lineups (morning, lunch, afternoon)
  • Guards at all stairwell/entrance
  • On site first aid
  • Confined space training
  • Air monitors on all supervisors
  • Multiple daily site inspections


  • Desiccant dehumidifiers: 91,500 cfm-5,000 cfm and above units
  • Air conditioning units: 1,490 tons
  • Generators: 11,490 kw-100 kw and above units -4, 2 MG Generators
  • Diesel pumps: (3) 10” ; (4) 8”; (12) 6”; (8) 4”
  • Submersible pumps: (8) 10 HP units; (8) 5 HP units
  • Fuel used: Over 360,000 gallons
  • Garage fan ventilation: 340,000 cfm supply; 980,000 cfm exhaust


  • Subcontractors utilized: 30+
  • Peak Manpower: 450+
  • MWBE contractor participation